Airliners Live Newsletter | September 2023

Airliners Live Newsletter | September 2023

Hello all!

It's Andy and Martin here, presenting the very first edition of the Airliners Live newsletter. As the engines of our channel keep roaring, we thought it's time to introduce a monthly newsletter, sharing updates, announcements, and behind-the-scenes insights. Your feedback matters to us, so don't forget to drop us a line in the Airliners Live chat during our live shows, letting us know if you're enjoying this edition and if you'd like to see more in the future. Now, let's buckle up and dive into the latest happenings at Airliners Live!



Red Arrows - An Unforgettable Day

The Red Arrows are an aviation icon and we were over the moon when we received an invite from Chocks Away Diner at Hawarden, along with Stu and Lynne from the Beluga XL group, to cover the Reds live on our channel in partnership with the Aviation Park - cheers Greg! 

The display team were based at Hawarden overnight as they were performing at Rhyl Airshow and they attracted large crowds to the diner hoping to catch a glimpse of the pilots. 

It was my first visit to the diner and I was really impressed with the space and how close it is to the airfield, giving you an incredible view of the apron and the runway. Recently, the addition of Beluga Bank, a mound giving photographers a view over the fence, has been added which is an awesome addition to the space. This bank was named following a vote in the Beluga XL group, run by Stu and Lynne. 

Beluga Bank at Chocks Away Diner

The media platform at Chocks Away Diner

The Red Arrows display team parked on the apron, taken from Chocks Away Diner

We were fortunate to set up on a scaffold platform kindly donated by a local company, to give us an incredible view. As we were setting up, we saw one of the Strikemaster jets departing which sounded awesome!

We thought it couldn't get better than this but then the sound of Merlin engines filled the sky as the BBMF flight roared over our heads! This made the day for me!


Photo of the Lancaster flyover by Sam (Mach Two Photography)

The Reds walked out to their jets and started their engines which gave us a nice wave of heat as we waited for them to depart. 

They taxied past our position waving as they passed and lined up for departure. We were all keeping our fingers crossed for a formation break on their return and we were not disappointed. 

We kept our eyes to the skies and sure enough, the Reds came into view. Smoke on, in formation right over the top! It sounded incredible. They banked to the right and looped round for their formation break. Again right over our heads. An incredible view for ourselves and the viewers. 

They landed and taxied back in to cheers from the from the crowd, and we wrapped up what for me was one of my favourite ever Airliners Live streams. Certainly a day to remember! 

Please make sure you get involved in the Beluga Facebook group linked below and pay a visit to Chocks Away Diner - you won't regret it!

Beluga Group:
Chocks Away Diner:

Red Arrows at Hawarden Airport, taken from Chocks Away Diner



Flight Sim Show Update

A lot of people have been asking about the whereabouts of Fezza's Monday night Flight Sim shows as they have been offline for some time. Fezza has released an update for those curious as to when the show will be returning.
An update from Jon Fezza, who initially posted the following on the Airliners Lounge VIP Lounge Facebook:
"After weeks of trial n error and testing, the root cause of the issue has been found and is due to the graphics card.
What happened?
I've been offline as there was an issue with the PC freezing and the flightsim crashing. I thought I'd fixed the issue the other week but it came back with a vengeance. I then built up my old PC yesterday, put the graphics card in and guess what? The issue happened on that PC also.
What now?
The card is thankfully still under warranty and is getting sent off tomorrow and I will hopefully be getting a replacement sent either end of this week or sometime next week. Testing will then begin to ensure the issue is definitely resolved and maybe a couple of test streams on Simulate to back that up.
So, thanks for your patience and hopefully will be back sooner rather than later 🙂"

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First Ever Moderator Meeting: A Night to Remember!

On the 20th of August, we held our first-ever Airliners Live moderator meeting. Most of the moderators were present, each sharing valuable insights and ideas for the channel. Ongoing projects were discussed, and we hung out for a few hours, bonding and brainstorming.

Recognizing the importance of collective creativity, we've decided to host these meetings every few months. Our moderators are the backbone of the community, and their thoughts on the current state of the channel are invaluable. Stay tuned for exciting innovations and initiatives that sprout from these meetings. 

Picture taken by Moderator David Long (The Flying Architect) 



Andy's Jet2 Holiday Review (Featuring the World2Fly A330)

Written by Andy

It's good to be back in the UK after a couple of days away with Sam and the little one, Dakota.

We opted for a small family getaway on the beautiful island of Mallorca with a Jet2 Holidays package.  It was relatively cheap, and offered that vitamin D dose that we all needed, as well as a chance to spend some quality time away with each other, and away from the technology.

Flying out, the experience on the end of Manchester Airport was 10/10; we breezed through check in and security, with one of the Jet2 staff kindly offering to get a group photo of us!

The aircraft we flew on was a 31 year old Boeing 757-200 in the Jet2 fleet (Holidays livery with winglets) G-LSAC. She was an absolute dream, a very smooth and comfortable flight, despite the not so comfy seats of Jet2.

Sam even said she overheard a family behind remarking that they "didn't even need the sweets" after landing, referring to the pressurization being so comfortable that they didn't need the go-to relief of hard sweets to suck on.
Pilots greased the landing into PMI.

On arrival, we politely asked if we could go up and meet the pilots and maybe see the flight deck.  The cabin crew gave us the go ahead, and the pilots were more than happy to have us in the cockpit, showing us around, letting us sit in the captain's seat and getting photos - super friendly gentlemen.

They did give us a small update, of course, nothing official, but they suspect that the Jet2 757 fleet will be retired over the next few years, with about two of their classic Boeing airliners going as soon as this winter.  Sad times but it does seem that they'll keep them running for at least two more years.

The package advertised a 2 hour coach transfer, however after the flight down, and with it being so late for the little one, we opted to rent a car and we're very glad we did.  We ended up driving away with a Seat Arona, a decent compact 4x4 crossover thing, quite nice to drive and had all the modern bells and whistles, and wasn't too pricey either. Sam was a brilliant backseat driver telling me how to drive a manual despite me already knowing how to.

I won't do a full holiday review, but we did have a wonderful time despite the questionable (and fairly dated) hotel.  Driving around the island put a massive smile on my face, such beauty in the landscapes and a remarkable amount of history you can explore across the island of Mallorca. 

The flight back presented an Airbus A330-300 (Reg CS-WFP), the biggest aircraft at the time in the Jet2 fleet. Leased in from Portuguese operator "World2Fly" for the summer months, the 13 year old Airbus widebody was pretty nice!

However, the check in process at Palma De Mallorca Airport wasn't quite as nice, and upon check-in we were initially told that the plane was full and that we couldn't board. There were indeed a few seats available, but no seats that would be suitable for a 3 year old (as only emergency exit and isolated seats remained). The check-in staff conversed for a little while, in Spanish, where sadly my many Duo Lingo sessions from moons ago didn't come in much use!, then they turned very quiet, and awkward, while proceeding to print off our boarding passes and sending our suitcase down the belt.  We were very confused, but we walked away from the desk with 3 boarding passes for that flight and while I was separated, Sam and Dakota sat side by side just 5 rows behind me. We thought nothing of it, and after a long walk across the huge airport of PMI, we arrived at our plane, which just so happened to already be boarding.

We boarded, and with me and the girls separated, Sam found herself arriving at her allocated seat with somebody else already sat in the seat.  After an awkward exchange, the chap sat there had allegedly paid for that specific seat, but ended up kindly giving it up for Sam and Dakota to sit next to each other.  A very sketchy resolution from Jet2, not a fan at all, but I guess it allowed us to board and not have to wait for another flight.

The noise on them Rolls Royce Trent 700 engines on take-off was unbelievable, and the service was decent in flight. One point to mention though, pretty much every Jet2 plane based at Manchester Airport seems to use the same, super uncomfortable red and grey seats, but this plane was loaded with the World2Fly seats, far more comfy, with nice arm rests, and unlike most, the seats reclined!

Landing at MAN was ropey at first, lots of gusts on final approach, but somehow the World2Fly pilot absolutely buttered the landing on Manchester's runway 23R.
Before disembarking, we did the same as the outbound flight, asking politely if we could go up and see the flight deck, and as last time, we got approval to do that.

The World2Fly pilots were absolutely awesome, probably the friendliest pilots I've ever met on a flight deck visit, just like with the outbound flight they were super excited to have us visit, got us in the captain's seat, showed us around the Airbus widebody's cockpit, and even told us that the A330-300 is only with Jet2 until the end of this summer season, what a shame!

Arriving back at MAN was a decent experience, again, credit to Manchester Airport Terminal 2 - both encounters were awesome, smooth, and easy. Both flights were also on time.



Sam's New Job Update

Written by Sam

Hi all!
A couple of you have been asking about my new position at Barton Aerodrome working as a part of the fire and rescue team.  It's a job I only just started this month, and currently undergoing my training, and lets get one thing straight: I'm Sam, not Fireman Sam..

I'm sure I'll jump on a live show, and talk more in-depth about what kind of roles and tasks I'm undertaking on a day-to-day basis, but the fire and rescue team generally do a lot more than just respond to aircraft emergencies.

I've found myself refueling military and civilian aircraft, undergoing response training exercises such as response time and critical rescue and firefighting operations, as well as driving my favorite fire truck, which was named Bessie by my dad. The old girl is a 2004 Land Rover Defender and I ADORE it! She's isn't a perfect car (credit where credit is due, she's a workhorse!) and the minor imperfections is what gives it such a character! If you ever see me with Bessie at Barton, you'll know that I am living my best life!! 

Sam and the Land Rover (Bessie)

So all in all, it's a great place to work, no two days are the same, and it's nice to be close to Andy so I can be annoyed by him both night AND day, and enjoy coffee from the Airliners Live office with my new amazing team from time to time. Andy says we are 'stealing' said coffee but he's the one putting the kettle on and refueling Barton's Best!

Everyone that I have met at Barton has been so kind and welcoming to the airfield and I couldn't have asked for a more ideal place to work!
Barton is the ideal place for those interested in 'General Aviation' with a unique chance of catching some possible military aircraft. It has a lovely restaurant called the VG Bar & Grill who supply some mouthwatering food. The only bad thing I can say about Barton is that there are plenty of flight schools for microlights, light aircraft, and helicopters which is difficult for me to not spend all of my money on. So far I have been well controlled as I need to invest my money elsewhere but if I blink I might just be getting a PPL...

For more info about Barton Aerodrome, check out their website:



RVP late openings comes to an end..

Late night openings at the RVP is something we look forward to every year. As the sun moves round behind the park it lights up the aircraft beautifully, giving us the incredible view of the field the RVP is known for, alongside the awesome evening light. 

The stream in action during golden hour taken by moderator Terry Edwards

The final Wednesday show seen unbelievable lighting, true golden hour on the aircraft arriving and departing on runway 23R, with the Emirates A380 lighting up in the golden evening sunlight beautifully.

Emirates A380-800 landing on 23R during the Wednesday stream


As of the 1st of September, the Runway Visitor Park will close at 6pm, with the hours shortening again from October and onwards.

Our viewers love these shows just as much as we love bringing them to you all. This year we haven't been too lucky with the weather but we have learned that the evening time slot is perfect for our US viewers and we have enjoyed welcoming them into our community. The time slot has allowed a lot of new members of the community to join us which has been a blessing. 

We are currently looking into the best way to cater to these viewers moving forward as the RVP hours go back to their winter schedule over the next month or two. 

Watch this space!

Braathens ATR72 in the beautiful evening light, photo by Martin



Loopy - In moderation

Written by Airliners Live moderator 'Loopy'

A couple of years ago, Martin gave me the opportunity to become a moderator for Airliners Live on the YouTube channel, and as we got busier, so did the workload.

I took it upon myself to share the live links in the VIP lounge, and I started to collect data regarding the viewing figures, which has now become a part time job. Unpaid I might add. But I will get back to this another time.

The main priority has always been the live chat. Our goal is to keep the chat clean and away from the occasional weirdo, and you would be surprised by the number of messages you don’t see. I was doing this almost on my own for a while, until I was joined by Terry and Karl. This made a huge difference, especially to my eyesight, which was getting blurry with the chat flying by.

Privately, I refer to myself, Terry and Karl as the Three Amigos, but don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret!

Of course, there are other mods, but I don’t have nicknames for them yet. Doesn’t mean I’m not working on it though!

See you next month.




Sign Off

We hope you enjoyed this newsletter, as mentioned, we are looking at making this a monthly feature here on the website, so if you read it this far, well done! Have a pork pie! (that might be untrue), but please let us know if you enjoyed reading, and if enough of us enjoy, we'll keep writing them!

Also, before I end, we did ask the mods for name suggestions for this newsletter, one really stood out to me, by Loopy, "The Ringway Round Up", referring to Manchester Airports original name "RAF Ringway", what do you think of that as a potential new title for the monthly publication?

Anyway, we've been Airliners Live, and we'll see you next time.

See ya!




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