Keep Improving

We believe that to keep growing as a channel you need to keep innovating. We strive to bring the very best broadcast we can to our viewers drawing on our years of audio visual industry experience. We want to push the boundaries of live aviation streaming by bringing multi-camera broadcasts with all of the angles around the airfield on one show! Paired with our high quality audio and stunning visuals, we believe this will make the best live aviation experience for our viewers.

  • Community

    YouTube provides a great home for our community and we encourage our live chat to be welcoming and friendly to viewers of all backgrounds. Our chat is not strictly aviation either, we encourage community discussions and topics to create a friendly atmosphere.

  • Features

    YouTube's recent drive to improve the live aspect of the website has given us the confidence to base our content there. With continued feature additions improving the livestream functionality and oustanding creator support, we hope we will continue to grow with the platform.

  • Viewerbase

    YouTube is well known to be one of the main platforms for high quality content and their huge viewerbase and discoverability allow us to thrive on the platform. We will continue to provide the best content we can to our existing and new viewers on YouTube.

Building a great community starts with great staff!

Our moderators are hand picked from our community. They are all long standing viewers who stood out for being welcoming, friendly and helpful. We do not over moderate our chat! We allow viewers to have discussions, without strict rules around topics. We do not believe in making the chat just about planes. We want our viewers to use our channel to hang out, make friends and have fun, while escaping from the stresses of daily life.

We have three simple chat rules...

1. Be friendly and welcoming in the chat, keeping things positive and PG.

2. We do not discuss politics or current news in the chat. We want our community chat to be somewhere you can get away from the ups and downs of everyday life.

3. Do not use our chat / channel to self advertise. We have worked hard to build up our audience so would kindly ask that you do not discuss other live channels, or your channel, in the chat without prior permission.

We handle all of our own orders...

Your purchases support the channel directly. So we handle and pack all of our own merch orders in-house as we want to ensure our viewers receive the best possible service and quality of product.

Our history

it started with a tent and a laptop


Airliners Live was founded by Martin & Charlie. We didn't have much equipment and made the streams work with an old laptop and a video camera. Due to limited power availability we would stream for a max of 2 hours but our commitment to the weekly schedule allowed the channel to grow on

We streamed to a max of 100 viewers but had a huge amount of fun and made some great memories.

We found a new home


After a year or so of streaming, we began to outgrow so we decided to move to Facebook. This is where the channel got its first big boost in viewers. This was where we were able to build the viewer base and really expand on the community. We were streaming to around 1,000 concurrent viewers on the weekly shows. Facebook was where we met the majority of our core community members today!

We continued to stream succesfully for a couple of years and raised lots of money for charity with our community!

some huge changes were made

Andy joins

The channel hit a turning point due to lots of technical difficulties mainly surrounding connectivity. This went on for a long period of time which took the energy out of the team. We were in a position where our current equipment could not keep the streams live and we couldn't afford the new equipment needed. So we decided to go completely pre-recorded, moving away from livestreaming completely. For this, Andy joined the team bringing his editing and filming knowledge. However, after a short time we realised this was not the direction we wanted the channel to go in and we wanted to get back to our roots - livestreaming. It was at this point sadly Charlie stepped away from the channel to pursue his own career, and Martin and Andy made a much needed personal investment into new equipment needed to make the livestreams a success.

thank god we didn't walk away


3 years on, Martin and Andy have left their jobs and have been working full time on the channel for 2 years. This wouldn't have been possible without hard work, dedicaion and of course, the outstanding support of the Airliners Live family. We are extremely fortunate to be streaming to thousands of live viewers across the world on YouTube. We are pressing forward to becoming the most subscribed live aviation channel in the world and we have an amazing team behind us along the way. We would love to give a huge thank you to the late Peter Hampson and TAS for his support and guidance and for securing our exclusive streaming location at the Runway Visitor Park. We love every second of what we do and we do our best to provide the very best audio and visual quality on our streams along with the addition of multi-location broadcasting to bring our viewers the best views around the airfield in one show. We are proud to have our office based at Barton Aerodrome and thank the staff for their willingness to work with the channel to provide some amazing filming opportunities.

We have also expanded across the pond to Canada, bringing our viewers weekly live content with Henry Tenby from Vancouver Airport.

So that's us...

We will continue to provide the very best content we can whilst maintaining the outstanding community that surrounds the channel. We look forward to welcoming you into the channel!