Monarch Unveils New Livery Design

Monarch Unveils New Livery Design

A Fresh Look for a Fresh Start

Building on the growing excitement and speculation surrounding the potential relaunch of Monarch Airlines, the company has just released a render of its new aircraft livery. Painted onto the body of an Airbus A320—a model rumored to be part of the airline's new fleet—the livery gives us a glimpse of Monarch's future aesthetic.


The New Livery Details

In a departure from the airline's historic design, the new livery doesn't bear much resemblance to Monarch's previous aesthetic. Gone are the two dots above the old Monarch icon, replaced instead by a purple underline beneath the letter "M". We believe this may be a workaround for licensing and rights issues involving the old logo. The livery also showcases a yellow tip on the Airbus "Sharklet" winglets and features purple engines, accompanied by a purple swoosh trailing down the tail and back of the fuselage.

The classic Monarch livery, as pictured at Manchester Airport

Speculations and Connections

As we previously reported by Airliners Live, Monarch Airlines has been making waves with its new website,, and various social media accounts. The release of the new livery aligns with their claim: "We're working hard building a brand new Monarch, just for you." According to Companies House, Monarch Airlines Limited and Monarch Holidays Limited are currently active companies, incorporated and registered in England and Wales, under company numbers 14600586 and 14600581, and based in Luton, England. Daniel Ellingham is listed as the director.

A Look Back at the Old Monarch Airlines

Founded in 1967, Monarch Airlines was a hallmark of British aviation for five decades. It operated scheduled and charter flights to over 100 destinations, including routes to Europe, the United States, and the Caribbean. With a fleet that once boasted over 35 aircraft, including the Airbus A320 and A321, the airline was known for its quality service and reliability. However, the old Monarch faced its demise in October 2017, entering administration due to a series of unfortunate events. It cited intense competition, volatile currency fluctuations, and a decrease in bookings to key vacation destinations affected by terrorism as contributing factors to its downfall. The collapse led to the repatriation of about 110,000 stranded passengers and left a significant void in the UK travel industry. The airline's cessation marked the largest ever UK airline failure at the time, and its impact is still felt today as the industry anticipates the return of the Monarch brand.

What We Know So Far

All signs point toward the new Monarch allegedly commencing operations from 2024, with rumors suggesting that the Airbus A320 will play a significant role in the airline's fleet. This makes the release of the Airbus A320 render even more tantalizing for those who are keeping a close eye on Monarch's developments.

What's Next

Airliners Live will continue to monitor any news surrounding Monarch Airlines and their much-anticipated return. We are in the process of securing an exclusive interview with the team behind the new Monarch, which we hope to share in the coming days. For the latest updates, follow Airliners Live on Twitter.


While the unveiling of the new livery has increased excitement and speculation, it's essential to note that all information remains speculative. However, the new design and continued developments certainly indicate that Monarch is gearing up for something big.

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